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Packman disposables are one of the latest carts to be released in the market. Packman was relesed at the beginning of 2022. The packman brand released 11 flavors at launch day. The flavors include:

  • Packman Berry Payton
  • Packman Blueberry Diesel
  • Packman Lemonhead
  • Packman Mystery OG 
  • Packman Blue Airheads
  • Packman Cereal Skunk
  • Packman Grandaddy Urkle
  • Packman Peachy Nerdz
  • Packman Starbust Runtz
  • Packman Sunset Gelato
  • Packman Watermelon Sour Patch

The packman team chose this flavors to ensure that the there was something for everybody. There are sativa, indica, hybrid flavors to satisfy any disposable lover. We are currently working on 4 new flavors looking forward to sharing it with you guys soon.

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Increase Flexibility

Packman is the first disposable brand to combine the live resin and liquid diamonds together. Here at packman we believe in making your vaping experience worthwhile. Enjoy packman vapes with your friends and have a good time. Send as a gift to your loved ones and make them genuinely happy.

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Calmer Mind

Our packman dispos have being said to have a lot of benefits including calming and soothing effects. They are also perfect for people with history of chronic pains, anxiety and also helps people suffering with insomnia. Lots of different flavors for your desired experience.

About Packman Disposables

Packman disposables has quickly gained popularity and become one of the most in demand disposables due to it’s superior taste and excellent design. We are not just interested in making sales but rather creating quality products. That is the creed that guides packman disposables.

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Where to get packman vapes

If you are looking to buy packman disposables. We do ship all over the U.S, Canada, Australia and some parts of Europe. Simply get in touch with us via our website or other contact details, if you are looking to buy packman. We also work in collaboration with a few smoke shops and dispensaries in the U.S, so you can find our vapes there. 

Are Packman Disposables Real?

There have being a lot of reviews on youtube and reddit about the credibility of packman vapes. A lot of people have called our carts fake so we are trying to set the record straight. Packman disposables are real (legit) high quality lab tested vapes we can ship your order with lab results if you want. However, due to the increase in demand for our vapes, this has led to a lot of fakes flooding the market. It is many of these so called plugs on social media looking to make a quick score that are selling fake packman carts and destroying the image of the brand we are trying to build. Please always endeavor to buy your packman vapes from us the official packman website or a fully licensed dispensary. Our cart is 100% legit, and 0% chance the oil has additives and pesticides in it. A 2g disposable for $30 is a steal for the quality you will be getting. If you’re going to spend quality money, you deserve a quality product like packman dispo do you not?

What our clients say

Get to know how packman is changing the game? Hear from some of our loyal customers.

Can't love packman disposables anymore. It's simply the best and helps a lot with my insomnia
Mathew Grey
Packman disposables are one of the best dispos I've tasted in a while. Simply amazing!!!
Hector Aldo
The design is sleek, the purity of the live resin is very high. Definitely one to note. Packman taking over!!
Silvia Cruz

“Begin your journey with packman today and experience the best the vaping industry has to offer”

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