Double Stuff Oreo




Fryd Extract Double Stuff Oreo

The fryd extracts brand created 10 amazing live resin and the double stuff oreo is amongst. This flavor is a produce of the double stuff oreo strain. This strain has a super sweet creamy aroma with a pungent undertone of chocolate/mocha fuel . The flavors are as amazing as the aroma, when smoking you get a super smooth hit of cookies & cream with a musky skunk notes and hints of a fuel & earth undertone. The nugs display deep dark navy purple leaves that look black in contrast to the forest green hues.

Effects of Fryd Extract

The double stuff oreo is a hybrid flavor. Below are some of it’s effects:

  • It makes one giggly and happy.
  • It hits you with a burst of energy.
  • It inspires creativity and critical thinking
  • It is also known to induce low level hallucinations kind of like that caused by psychedelics.

These effects are not limited to only the double stuff oreo but most hybrid fryd extract flavors such as the strawberry lemoncello. Also, the high can last for upto 3 hours depending on your tolerance levels.

Where To Get Fryd Extract Disposables?

Fryd extracts have being receiving a lot of stick online for being a fake vape. This is not true and is caused by the huge influx of fake fryd vapes by plugs looking to make a quick buck. We recommend you make your purchase from the official fryd website or a partner brand like us. We at Packman official are in tune with the fryd project and looking forward to a collaboration between the two brands shortly.


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